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Clear Objectives Primary Program

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Personalized services aimed at reducing stress in daily life, resolving trauma, and helping plot a course towards your vision of a future that excites, motivates and inspires you.  

Stress reactions may be triggered by similarities of present environment with memories of traumatic or overwhelming experiences, places and people.  Distortion resulting from such reactions (emotional charge) can seriously compromise quality of life and limit your ability to frame and reach for goals consistent with who you really are.  Based in the Metapsychology paradigm, these services can result in freedom from baggage brought forward from your past, resurgent interest in the present, and the ability to focus on living intentionally, with renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

The three prongs of this approach include:
  • Trauma Resolution - Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a guided review of an incident which has continued to occupy your attention long after it ended.
  • Stress Reduction - a tailored program of metapsychology procedures addressing issues currently occupying a person's attention and reducing their current ability and drive.
  • Objectives Mapping - examining past goals, clarifying current goals, and generating a realistic plan to achieve them, aligned with your true purpose (as defined by you).

Each of these services can be understood in greater depth by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the screen, or by clicking on links in the bulleted list, above.

Clear Objectives offers additional services referred to as the Metapsychology Curriculum, which are intended to promote improved well-being and insights helpful to preventing future stress caused by patterns learned in formative periods.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions and comments, or to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to helping you resolve past issues, current stressful situations, and get started moving towards whatever goals you may have for your personal fulfillment.

A printable brochure in Adobe's PDF format is downloadable here, if you'd like to share this with someone you know who could benefit from such a program (or many someones). Rights for printing and distribution are freely given, but please don't change even a character of the print!

Clear Objectives is not a medical, psychological, or psychiatric practice. Facilitation techniques rooted in Metapsychology are used to provide clients with stress reduction and resolution of issues stemming from past traumatic events.  Support is given to people to define and pursue their own goals.


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