Clear Objectives is not a medical, psychological, or psychiatric practice. Facilitation techniques rooted in Metapsychology are used to provide clients with stress reduction and resolution of issues stemming from past traumatic events. Support is given to people to define and pursue their own goals.

All applications are based in a person-centered model called metapsychology, developed by retired psychiatrist Frank A. Gerbode. They consist of questions and instructions from your facilitator in this endeavor. When you search your experience for the responses to the questions, or when you execute the instructions, you discover the answers for yourself.
A metapsychology
facilitator is very different from a traditional therapist or counselor in that they do not diagnose you or tell you how to think about things, but instead consult you for the answers. You are considered the expert on your own experience. Your role is to state what issue you'd like to examine, then review your experiences. For this reason, rather than being called a "patient", or "client", this role is called being a "viewer". After reviewing your experience, you may be startled by changes in the way you see it now.  This change is made possible because reviewing things in a safe space, with no time constraints, no judgment or evaluation from the facilitator is quite different from the original circumstances. Metapsychology techniques can have very therapeutic effects, as detailed, but undergoing them is better understood as a form of education than it is a "therapy."

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Kevin G. Brady, President
TIR and Metapsychology Facilitator
Phone:  (401) 626-6776

Rhode Island resident Kevin Brady, founder, is a lifelong student of human potential, trained metapsychology facilitator, and US Army veteran who has seen service in a combat environment.  His vision for Clear Objectives makes services available to all survivors of violent crime, veterans of high stress environments (including but not limited to combat), persons experiencing difficult transitions (loss of life-partner, midlife crisis, divorce, empty nest, etc.) or anyone else who seeks serenity and success on their own terms. He is available for individual sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements.   (Pictured to the right with Senator Jack Reed in Mogadishu, Somalia, where he served honorably in 1993, Operation Restore Hope, with the 63rd Signal Battalion, Bravo Company.)



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