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Objective Mapping

Objective Mapping reviews, clarifies and develops the goals you are working towards.  When complete, your goals will reveal and align with your self-determined purpose, which will suit your identity, and you will have realistic plans to act on in daily life to bring your life increasingly close to a match with your vision of success in your own terms.

  • Life doesn't always go as planned, particularly if you don't have a plan.  Sometimes your plan is more like a script handed to you by your parents, your spouse, your school, your job, or some series of connected accidents.  Even when things are going well, you may feel like your life is not aligned with who you are with what you feel your purpose should be, which can drain the meaning out of life.
  • While this service makes no promise that you will achieve everything you desire, it can certainly help you to assess where you are, where you want to be, and align your efforts so that obtaining your envisioned goals becomes the focus guiding your actions.  It can be easy to lose track of your vision with the complexity and pace of modern life.  Events can conspire to keep you so busy that you never have a chance to live the life you want for yourself, and would like to share with your friends and relatives.
  • Completing this program will not necessarily change the demands placed on your time by whatever you are already committed to.  Instead, you will plot a course through those demands, learn tools to check your progress, acknowledge yourself for the milestones you've already passed (and will pass), and recognize when you've arrived where you want to be.  You will have a written document to refer to as frequently as you like, which we call an Objectives Map.  Of course it may change it as your goals change or are achieved, as plans are revised, as purposes are restated and as your vision is clarified by experience or insight.
  • Furthermore, this provides a context for your facilitator at Clear Objectives to measure your progress in your own terms.  You may come in at any time to schedule an appointment should upsets occur, problems surface, or new stress occur as you move towards your goals.  One of the defining features of our service is that you decide when you are finished, when you need to work, and when things need to change.  We make no attempt to fit you into a societal norm, tell you what to do, how to think, or what goals you should have. Instead, a Socratic, eductive approach is employed, drawing these answers from your own perception.
  • This is not intended to address only career goals, but is meant to embrace goals in all domains of your life.  Some people seek spiritual fulfillment, but haven't defined what this means to them and have no practice to achieve it.  Some seek artistic expression, but take no action to obtain it, or have no objective measure for when it has occurred.  An Objective Map takes all of these goals into consideration, aligns them with your purposes and identity, and helps you organize your activities so that your energy is not wasted, your attention is not dispersed, course corrections are made.

We stand ready to assist you as needed, whenever you wish to begin.

Clear Objectives is not a medical, psychological, or psychiatric practice. Facilitation techniques rooted in Metapsychology are used to provide clients with stress reduction and resolution of issues stemming from past traumatic events. Support is given to people to define and pursue their own goals.


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