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Trauma Resolution

Traumatic Incident Reduction, or TIR, is a technique which allows a person to review incidents which resulted in unwanted changes in their attitudes, thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions.

  • With the help of a trained facilitator, in a safe environment with no time constraints, a person can regain control over memories which previously were overwhelming, and make new decisions about how to interpret those events that results in much greater freedom from the baggage of yesteryear.
  • If you are struggling with a particular incident, or a number of similar incidents, it can be hard to give your present life the value and attention that it deserves.  TIR can put such incidents where they belong:  in your past.  Additionally, if you have specific attitudes, thoughts, feelings, emotions or intentions which have become a part of your life, but aren't part of who you feel you really are, a version called Thematic TIR can trace these back to their origins and help you release them.
  • One can be a survivor, a perpetrator or a witness of such incidents and can suffer from any role they played.  Clear Objectives does not judge people for these roles, and is solely interested in helping release people from the effects such incidents have in their lives.

Contact us when you want to end the suffering.

Clear Objectives is not a medical, psychological, or psychiatric practice. Facilitation techniques rooted in Metapsychology are used to provide clients with stress reduction and resolution of issues stemming from past traumatic events. Support is given to people to define and pursue their own goals.


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