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Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction begins with an assessment to discover which issues a person considers are most urgent and troublesome, and proceeds with a tailored program designed to address these needs in the order determined by the assessment.

  • The goal of this program is not to dig up old matters or exhaust every possible trouble the person has ever had.  Instead, the goal is to address issues which are pressing for attention in the present, until such time as significant relief is achieved, accompanied by a release of attention. This enables full focus upon present life.  
  • Stress Reduction can include use of Traumatic Incident Reduction, but also includes techniques targeting emotional charge caused by overwhelming, annoying, or otherwise distracting situations, people or places.  While such people, places and situations may continue to be a part of your life, stress born of disturbances associated with them need not be carried with you.
  • Typical examples include frustration at work which carries over into your homelife, being manipulated by a spouse through trigger phrases or attitudes, feeling misunderstood by a parent, or a child, discomfort when considering going to see the doctor or dentist, obsessing over a lost lover, or any number of other scenarios you might be facing.
  • Metapsychology defines emotional charge as "repressed, unfulfilled intention resulting in distress, uncomfortable or painful feelings, dulled awareness, compulsions".  As this is explored, it ceases to be repressed, and the intentions return to your control.  This frees your attention, releases your emotions and vitality, and reduces the impact of the stressor on your quality of life.  If you have a good friend, or keep a journal, you have probably experienced this sort of relief already.  It can often be more advantageous to explore and resolve such things with a neutral, non-judgmental and trained facilitator, though, when discretion and professionalism are required.

Contact us when you decide that stress should come to an end.

Clear Objectives is not a medical, psychological, or psychiatric practice. Facilitation techniques rooted in Metapsychology are used to provide clients with stress reduction and resolution of issues stemming from past traumatic events. Support is given to people to define and pursue their own goals.


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